Annia Indigo


Annia Indigo (Maligranda) is a Polish-Canadian artist living and working in White Rock BC. The love of creativity and beauty has led her to painting, which she took up years ago.

Annia's passion for art has been with her since childhood. She was always creating, and followed that path into fashion and graphic design.

She is inspired by emotions, interactions with her surroundings, as well as people. Music is a wonderful source, and in fact, quite significant inspiration for Annia.

annia indigo portrait of mine


Initial Sketching

When you commission a portrait, you’ve opened the door to your life and allowed me to be a part of it.

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Layers of paint

I concentrate on the lighting, how the colours must harmonize, how compositional elements must lead the eye around the painting, how I need to create a mood.

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Final painting

I love the hugs that I get when I present the finished portrait.

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